Our Spirits

Vodka “Traditional”

Derived from 100% corn produced at the Retzer Farm and the limestone filtered water of The Ledge, our vodka has a hint of sweetness, which is perfect for mixing or enjoying on its own. Our vodka is 80 proof.

Back 40 Moonshine

Using the same philosophy as our vodka, we use 100% corn mash to produce a unique corn liquor we refer to as our “moonshine.” It is actually unaged corn whiskey right from the still with nothing added except our wonderful water from deep below the ledge rock that our distillery sits on. Great for sipping or mixing into your favorite cocktails.  We released our moonshine at 80 proof.

Frostbite Gin

What do you get when you combine homegrown corn, limestone-filtered water and, a hint of juniper, coriander, and orange peel. Genuine Wisconsin gin released at 90 proof.

Farm Boy Bourbon

Distilled exclusively from the sustainably produced yellow corn and soft red wheat grown at the Retzer Farm, this young bourbon makes up in character what it may lack in age.  Chosen a single barrel at a time and released at 90 proof, it carries a sweet aroma with a soft finish.  It 's turned out to be a great "wheater" if we do say so ourselves.

Retzer Farm Bourbon

Ledgerock Distillery's second bourbon release, Retzer Farm, takes its name from the small Wisconsin family farm where it was created,  Distilled from corn, wheat and barley grown on the Retzer Farm, this young release was aged in 30 gallon white oak barrels containing 2 different chars and a unique toast.  Full body sweet flavor with a touch of smokiness, at 92 proof, it can be enjoyed on the rocks or as the base of a great cocktail.